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Bacteria, Poultry, Weight gain

oregano strength in a maximum concentration of 7% Oregano...
Solution for: digestive disorder
Reduction of ammonia and odor The nuisance smell is forme...
Solution for: unpleasant smell, the odor law, environmental approach on the farm
The natural power of oregano Natural oregano oil from Ori...
Solution for: gastrointestinal disorders, regulation of the gastrointestinal microflora, decreased production results
A mixture of herbal extracts regulating the microflora of th...
Solution for: Development of intestinal pathogens. Low weight gain. Bad production results. Disorders of the bacterial microflora.
Fattening of the future / BIOTIC LINE In rearing period, ...
Solution for: increasing production parameters, effective fattening, securing breeding, liver support
A preparation containing organic acids strengthen with the a...
Solution for: Development of pathogenic intestinal flora. Disorders of the digestive process. Low feed intake.
Comprehensive productivity support Orego-Liv contains a m...
Solution for:
Upper respiratory tract support Aqueous herbal extracts h...
Solution for: High number of falls, Production losses, Respiratory disorders.
The unique multi-herb formula solves respiratory problems in...
Solution for: Respiratory tract problems
Herbal gut integrator Disturbance of intestinal integrati...
Solution for: digestive tract disorders, wet litter syndrome, weight gain
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