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Tubesyringe for healthy teats

Masto-Gel, thanks to the content of active compounds from herbal extracts, improves the udder gland, deeply moisturizes and softens it, maintaining the natural pH of the skin. Natural ingredients nurture and create a protective layer, providing protection between milkings. Natural product, unbeatable
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Category: Cattle, Mastitis
Solution for: teat problems, increasing teat health

Preparation for the care and prevention of udder in dairy cows.

Can be helpful with udder and teat health care and prevention


It prevents the teats from drying out by moisturizing and maintaining the proper pH of the skin
Possible effect on reducing the number of microorganisms on the teat surface
Strengthen the protective barrier of the teat canal by maintaining the integrity of the keratin litter
Protection of the udder gland from contamination

Additional description

Properly combined active extracts improve the functioning of the udder gland, deeply moisturize and soften it, maintaining the natural pH of the skin.
Both long-term and continuous use does not cause any skin irritation. In addition, the presence of natural factors with a proven disinfecting effect, revealing its properties in the time between one milking and the next thanks to the protective layer, protects the udder gland from contamination.

Description of ingredients: water extract of propolis, herbal extracts, urea


tube 10 g (20 pieces in a box)

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