Biolomix z LP 2,5 %

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Biolomix LP is intended for the preparation of mixtures based on plant protein to be administered in the period from the 6th day after weaning (in the loose sow sector) until the transition to the farrowing room (about 100 days of pregnancy). The product contains unique herbal blends that increase the health status, regulate the digestive system and detoxify the body.
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Category: Biolomix, Pigs
Solution for: The solution for: addition to the feed for the pregnant sow
Application instructions


Boost immunity: protect against infections

Antioxidant activity related to vitamin E and herbal mixture (Phyllantus emblica)
Increasing health status (Andrographis paniculata)
Regulation of the gastrointestinal microflora (Allium sativum: garlic)

Prevention of the digestive system

Improving appetite and digestion (Curcuma longa)
Improving the functioning and protection of internal organs (Curcuma longa, Azadirachta indica)

Protection against mycotoxins:

Mycotoxin (MOS) binding
Inhibition of mycotoxin biosynthesis

Application instructions

Mix thoroughly 25 kg of Biolomix LP with one ton of feed (2.5%)
Use in the loose sow sector until transition to the farrowing room

J.m. LP
Metabolic energy MJ 0,72
General protein % 3,71
Lysine % 3
Methionine %
Methionine + Cystine %
Threonine %
Calcium % 25.41
Phosphorus % 2,00
Digestible phosphorus % 6,41
Sodium % 6,00
Vitamin A j.m. 385 000
Vitamin D3 j.m. 70 000
Vitamin E mg 4 000
Vitamin K mg 87,56
Vitamin B1 mg 70
Vitamin B2 mg 157.5
Vitamin B6 mg 140
Vitamin B12 mcg 1 225
Pantothenic acid mg 595.21
Nicotinic acid mg 875
Folic acid mg 105,04
Biotin mcg 9 750
Choline chloride mg 18 000
Zinc mg 4 350 (600)*
Manganese mg 1 750.03
Iron mg 5 225 (900)
Copper mg 750 (200)
Iodine mg 38,50
Selenium mg 12(2)
Antioxidant +
Enzyme preparation +
Share in the feed 2.5

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