Bio Lactic Sow

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Bio Lactic Sow provides comprehensive postpartum care for the sow.

Maintaining a high health status of the sow during farrowing and lactation is essential for obtaining healthy and strong piglets. Bio Lactic Sow replenishes the lost minerals and, through a rich herbal mixture, regulates the digestive system and improves milk production.
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Category: Lactation, MMA, Pigs
Solution for: MMA Syndrome. Disturbances in digestive processes. The problem of milk secretion. Piglets with low immunity
Application instructions

Preparation containing high doses of biologically active substances: herbal extracts and microelements in organic form – chelates.

improves digestive processes
regulates the composition of the bacterial flora
limits the occurrence of MMA syndrome
quickly replenishes micronutrients
regulates the synthesis and release of milk
improves feed intake and its digestibility
better development of piglets in the first period of their life

Additional description

Bio Lactic Sow can be administered together with Restobal or Stresomix. The immunomodulatory and anti-stress properties of these two preparations additionally increase the effectiveness of the action.


ensure that the product is thoroughly mixed with the feed
it is recommended to start the administration 2-3 days before delivery

1 kg aluminum sachet
25 kg bag

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