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Increasing milk yield

Ensuring the correct quantity and quality of milk is essential for the development of piglets. Payapro is a milk product with a proven beneficial effect on piglets.
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Category: Lactation, MMA, Pigs
Solution for: Sow milk yield, Low amount of milk, Improved milk quality, Low weaning weight of piglets
Application instructions

Increasing the quality and quantity of milk affects:

Ensuring adequate availability of milk for piglets
Increasing piglet survival
Increasing piglet immunity
Improve the condition of the piglets
Increasing the weaning weight of the piglets

Additional description
A powerful combination of herbal extracts that helps to optimize the synthesis and secretion of milk.
The preparation is safe, has no hormones, does not leave a residue in milk / no withdrawal period.

Low milk quantity and quality
Problems with the mammary glands
Preventing health and ensuring optimal weight gain

aluminum sachet 200 g (10 pcs. in a carton)
1 kg aluminum sachet (14 pcs. in a box)
20 kg bag

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