Pulmofarm T

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Respiratory tract support

Diseases of the upper respiratory tract in farm animals pose a very serious threat to the profitability of production. Pulmo Farm T provides effective support in solving problems with the respiratory tract.
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Category: Pigs, Respiratory system
Solution for: Infections of the respiratory tract. Secondary complications. Diseases and infections of the upper respiratory tract.
Application instructions

Pulmofarm T – a unique multi-herb formula that is effective in solving problems with the respiratory tract.

increases resistance to infections of the upper respiratory tract
reduces secondary complications
enhances the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy
increases resistance to diseases and infections (increases the immune status)

Additional description
It reduces the number of pathogens that enter the respiratory system, facilitates breathing, and a specially selected composition of natural essential oils from plants, i.e. eucalyptus, peppermint, garlic and substances such as thymol and camphor, have a beneficial effect on animals and their environment.

nuisance symptoms of malfunctioning of the respiratory tract, i.e. sneezing, coughing, etc.

1 kg sachet (12 pcs. in a box)

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