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Postpartum regeneration mix

A natural product to be used immediately after delivery to reduce postpartum stress, improve rumen filling, and support postpartum regeneration. The product also provides energy support and replenishment of electrolytes.
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Category: Cattle, Cattle, Energy, Reproduction, Veterinary doctors
Solution for: Easy time after calving
Application instructions

Herbal liquid used in post-calving cows

improvement of rumen filling after calving
postpartum regeneration
energy support
improvement of electrolyte balance
stimulation of immunity

Additional description

Composition: herbal extracts, propylene glycol, sodium propionate, vitamin PP, sorbitol, dextrose, sodium chloride, flavoring substances

The preparation contains two groups of active substances:

energy components that quickly improve the energy balance, stimulate the natural production of glucose, regenerate the body
herbal extracts that quickly reduce labor stress, restore the natural metabolic balance of the body and its functioning, increase immunity


Administer the preparation in the first hours after calving

2 l

VET line
Prepared for veterinary doctors
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