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Acidosis Ketosis

Acidosis Complementary feedingstuffs with specific dosage...
Solution for: acidosis
Protected energy + liver Energy and herbal mixture intend...
Solution for: Energy shortages. Loss of appetite. Problems with the functioning of the liver. Low milk production.
Liquid gold with vitamins Energy mixture intended for cow...
Solution for: ketosis, metabolic problems, energy deficiencies, the first period of lactation
A healthy liver is the key to profits A rich mixture of a...
Solution for: Energy shortages. Liver disorders in the perinatal period. Metabolic and production diseases.
Stop Ketosis The product is intended for dairy cows to be...
Solution for: ketosis, hypoglycemic states and emaciation, energy deficiencies, loss of appetite, feed-related poisoning.
STOP ACIDOSIS: stable pH and rumen motility The most comm...
Solution for: lack of appetite, metabolic problems, rumen disorders, after antibiotic treatments.
stop ketosis Metabolic diseases such as ketosis result fr...
Solution for:
In order to obtain maximum milk production from one cow, it ...
Solution for: Digestive problems, milk production, metabolic problems, low immunity,
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