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stop diarrhea The problem of diarrhea is one of the most ...
Solution for: the period of rearing calves, intestinal problems, the period of convalescence after illnesses.
stop biegunkom Problem biegunek jest jednym z najczęstsz...
Solution for: okres odchowu cieląt, problemy jelitowe okres rekonwalescencji po przebytych chorobach.
Proper functioning of the reproductive system One of the ...
Solution for: Postpartum Disorders. Poor reproductive results. Displacement of the placenta. Malfunction of the reproductive system.
Postpartum regeneration mix A natural product to be used ...
Solution for: Easy time after calving
Stop Ketosis The product is intended for dairy cows to be...
Solution for: ketosis, hypoglycemic states and emaciation, energy deficiencies, loss of appetite, feed-related poisoning.
STOP ACIDOSIS: stable pH and rumen motility The most comm...
Solution for: lack of appetite, metabolic problems, rumen disorders, after antibiotic treatments.
stop ketosis Metabolic diseases such as ketosis result fr...
Solution for:
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