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A healthy liver is the key to profits

A rich mixture of aqueous herbal extracts with hepatoprotective, choleretic and hepatoregenerative effects. Herbs strengthen the proper functioning of the liver and protect the organ against the negative effects of toxins. Herba-Liver stimulates the processes taking place in the liver, i.e. the process of glucogenesis, and increases the absorption of nutrients.
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Category: Acidosis Ketosis, Cattle, Energy
Solution for: Energy shortages. Liver disorders in the perinatal period. Metabolic and production diseases.
Application instructions

Herbal extracts strengthen the functioning of the liver and protect the tissue of this organ against the negative effects of toxins.


Prevention of ketosis and other metabolic diseases
Liver problems; fatty liver
Perinatal period
Energy shortages


Liver protection and support, liver regeneration and detoxification, increased bile secretion
Lowering the level of ketone bodies (BHB)
Regulation of the liver enzymes AST and ALT
Glucoplastic and glucogenic
Improving the appetite

Description of ingredients:

Aqueous Herbal Extracts:

Boerhaavia diffusa, Andrographis paniculata: show hepato-protective effects, improving the functioning of the liver
Phyllanthus emblica, Eclipta alba: show hepatoprotective properties and reduce and normalize elevated lipid and bilirubin levels
Solanum nigrum: has a hepatoprotective effect and reduces and regulates the level of liver enzymes ALT and AST
Terminalia chebula: has a protective effect against reactive oxygen species (free radicals), which protects internal organs against damage

Energy (propylene glycol)

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