Bio lactic Bovis

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Regenerative mixture for cows after giving birth

The perinatal period and the first 100 days of lactation are exhausting for a cow. Intensive metabolic changes pose a risk of metabolic diseases and result in a decrease in productivity.

Bio Lactic Bovis restores the energy balance by providing the right amount of energy and supporting the functioning of the liver, and contributes to the maintenance of the correct microflora and rumen pH.

Bio Lactic Bovis also contains herbal extracts with antioxidant and immune-enhancing properties.
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Category: Cattle, Reproduction
Solution for: 100 days of lactation, convalescence period, stress, prevention of metabolic processes
Application instructions

Complementary feed for postpartum cows


the first months after calving
convalescence after illnesses
prophylaxis of metabolic disorders
low feed intake


increasing feed intake
rumen regulation
stabilization of rumen pH
improving the functioning of the liver
anti-stress effect
stimulation of immunity

Additional description

the preparation can be administered in the first 5-7 days after calving and in 7 days cyclically every 3 weeks in the first hundred days of lactation
dose may be modified in consultation with your veterinarian

The preparation contains two groups of active substances:

energy ingredients for the prevention of ketosis, which quickly improve the energy balance, stimulate the natural production of glucose, vitamins contained in the product strengthen the effect of the preparation.
herbal extracts that quickly restore the natural activity of the rumen microflora, improve its functioning, stabilize the pH – problems with acidosis, increase dry matter intake, stimulate digestive functions and affect the functioning of the liver.

Composition: 1,2 propylene glycol, sodium propionate, vitamin PP, sorbitol, sucrose, glucose, flavoring substances, herbal extracts


1 kg aluminum sachet
25 kg bag

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