Vilobuf Max

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Health and growth promoter for fattening

Health promoter and growth accelerator. The combination of specially selected herbs in Vilobuf Max improves the functioning of the liver, improves apetite and digestion, regulates the rumen microflora and protects against mycotoxins.
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Category: Calves, Cattle, Meat cows
Solution for: weight gain, digestive system support, health prophylaxis
Application instructions

The preparation is a unique mixture of processed herbal extracts that stimulate the appetite and feed utilization by improving digestive function.

Growth promoter for beef cattle – “Growth accelerator”
Active buffer
Appetite stimulation
Increasing immunity


Increasing the appetite
Improving the energy balance
Liver detoxification
Normalization of the level of liver enzymes
Stabilization of the correct pH in the rumen

Additional information:

The product contains natural HSCAS – hydrated calcium-sodium aluminosilicates, which bind fungal toxins.
The preparation significantly improves the functioning of the liver:

maintaining high activity and increasing the detoxification potential of the liver
stabilization of the correct pH in the rumen
increasing the population of beneficial microflora and improving microbial digestion
binding, inactivation and bio-neutralization of mycotoxins
improvement of the immune status

25 kg bag

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