Biolomix z LK 4%

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Biolomix LK is intended for the preparation of mixtures based on plant proteins to be administered from the transition to the mating ward (about 4-5 days after weaning). The product contains unique herbal mixtures that increase the synthesis and release of milk and have a positive effect on the health status of the sow.
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Category: Biolomix, Pigs
Solution for: The solution for: a feed supplement for the nursing sow
Application instructions


Increases the production and release of milk

Cuminum cyminum, Foeniculum vulgare: increases the weaning weight of the piglets

Increases the immunity of the sow and piglets
Antioxidant activity related to vitamin E and herbal mixture (Asparagus racemnosus)
Increasing health status
Reduces the number of piglet deaths

Digestive system prophylaxis:

Improving appetite and digestion
Improving the functioning and protection of internal organs
Protects against mycotoxins
Regulates the microflora of the digestive tract
Application instructions

Mix thoroughly 40 kg of Biolomix LK with one ton of feed (4%)


Unit Amount
Metabolic energy MJ 2,09
General protein % 11.41
Lysine % 6
Methionine % 1.5
Methionine + Cystine % 1.53
Threonine % 2.5
Calcium % 20
Phosphorus % 3
Digestible phosphorus % 5.58
Sodium % 4
Vitamin A j.m. 275 000
Vitamin D3 j.m. 50 000
Vitamin E mg 3750
Vitamin K mg 62.54
Vitamin B1 mg 50
Vitamin B2 mg 112,50
Vitamin B6 mg 100
Vitamin B12 mcg 875
Pantothenic acid mg 425.15
Nicotinic acid mg 625
Folic acid mg 75.03
Biotin mcg 7 125
Choline chloride mg 13 500
Zinc mg 3 150 (375)*
Manganese mg 1 250.02
Iron mg 3 925 (570)
Copper mg 550 (130)
Iodine mg 27,50
Selenium mg 9 (1.3)
Antioxidant +
Enzyme preparation +
Content in feed
%         4.0

VET line
Prepared for veterinary doctors
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