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Repro Boar

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Male point of view

Repro Boar is a specialized herbal and mineral mixture for use during intensive breeding use. The product increases the health status and may be helpful in maintaining high fertility of boars.
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Category: Pigs, Reproduction
Solution for: Intensive breeding use. During the convalescence period after illnesses. Increasing immunity
Application instructions

Can be helpful with

Swine reproduction – intensive breeding use
reduced semen quality
reduced immunity
the period of convalescence after illness


maintaining a high health status
immune support

Ingredients (per 1 kg):

herbal mixture: withania somnifera, mucuna pruriens
minerals: zinc 800 mg, manganese 440 mg, copper 100 mg, selenium 5 mg, biotin,
vitamins: vitamin C 10 g, vitamin E 1500 IU


the preparation can be administered together with Restobal or Stresomix preparations

10 kg bucket

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Repro Boar
Male point of view Repro Boar is a specialized herbal and...
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