Orego-Cid Activ

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Support in production

In case of diarrhea, rapid support should be given to reduce production losses. Orego-cid Activ contains organic acids that lower the pH of the water and prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms,  oregano oil regulates the microflora of the digestive tract.
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Category: Diarrheas, Pigs, Weaning period
Solution for: : Development of pathogenic intestinal flora. Disorders of the digestive process. Low feed intake.
Application instructions

A preparation containing organic acids enhanced with the addition of essential oils with oregano.


  • The period of weaning
  • Digestive tract disorders
  • Feed change
  • Digestive problems



  • Shortening and alleviating the course of digestive disorders
  • Improvement of digestion and feed conversion
  • Health prophylaxis


Additional description

Orego-Cid Activ is intended for use as a feed additive for poultry and pigs. Used during digestive disorders, it shortens and soothes their course, and thus reduces the associated economic losses.

Composition: formic acid, sodium lignosulfonate, essential oils

Package: 2 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg

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Orego-Cid Activ
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