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Proper functioning of the reproductive system

One of the main reasons for fertility (in estrus) is postpartum malpractice and problems with abnormal uterine involution and placenta detachment. To reduce postpartum problems and ensure the proper functioning of the reproductive system, administer Exapar, which regulates and supports the reproductive system (supports the timely expulsion of the placenta, involution of the uterus and the induction of heat at the optimal time).
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Category: Cattle, Cattle, Reproduction, Veterinary doctors
Solution for: Postpartum Disorders. Poor reproductive results. Displacement of the placenta. Malfunction of the reproductive system.
Application instructions

A unique combination of herbal extracts with high efficiency


Improve reproductive performance
Support postpartum disorders
Prophylaxis of Metritis
Delayed oestrus / low fertilization rate, improved reproductive performance


Accelerating the expulsion of placenta
Support in postpartum disorders, uterine cleansing and involution
Support in proper and timely expulsion of the placenta, uterine involution
Support in heat generation at the right time
Strengthening the uterus and restoring the normal functioning of the reproductive system

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