Biocalcium PCA

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Calcium with increased bioavailability

Calcium is of great importance in the feeding of high-yielding dairy cows, especially after calving. Calcium deficiency may result from insufficient calcium release from the bones and due to intensive colostrum production and contribute to the appearance of postpartum paralysis. The demand for calcium also increases before birth as a result of the calf taking up minerals for intensive growth. Biocalcium PCa is a source of easily digestible calcium, vitamin D3 and supports the functioning of the liver, preventing the occurrence of metabolic disorders.
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Category: Cattle, Reproduction
Solution for: Especially recommended for postpartum hypocalcemia of dairy cows (postpartum paralysis, gastrointestinal atony, etc.).
Application instructions

Complementary feed for cows

postpartum support and prevention
prevention of milk fever
metabolic problems prevention

supplementation of calcium and vitamin D3 deficiencies
increasing calcium absorption
providing easily digestible energy
supporting the functioning of the liver

Additional description
the product is very tasty and eagerly consumed by cows.
glucose and sorbitol provide additional energy.

bottle of 0.5 ml
5 L canister

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Biocalcium PCA
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