Mastidip Pro J

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Mastidip PRO J is a unique product, specially developed for the care of the udder of cows. The product contains a natural mixture of herbal extracts and essential oils. The herbs in Mastidip PRO J show features that may affect the protection against the multiplication of microorganisms on the surface of the teats, strengthening the teat canal barrier and preventing teats drying out.
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Category: Cattle, Mastitis

Herbal dipping for the care of the udder of cows. An alternative to conventional methods based on iodine and chlorhexidine.


Udder and teat care
Prevention of inflammation
Dipping for daily care


It prevents teats from drying out
May influence the regulation of microflora on the teat surface
Strengthen the protective barrier of the teat canal by maintaining the integrity of the keratin litter
Soothing effect on the udder
Softening of the udder tissue
Natural, safe

Additional description

The liquid is an original product, specially developed for the care of the udder of cows, containing a mixture of plant extracts and essential oils. The obtained mixture is in a ready-to-use form and can be applied by dipping or spraying the udder The presence of softeners keeps the udder skin soft, and prolonged or continuous use does not cause irritation


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