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Alternative to antibiotic growth promoters / BIOTIC LINE

The integrity of intestines, proper functioning and the structure of the entire digestive tract are essential for high productivity. The elongation of the intestinal villi increases the absorption area, improving the utilization of feed and nutrients, and the increase in the number of goblet cells. It increases the secretion of mucus and creates a natural protective barrier of gastrointestinal tract.

NBIOTIC is a mixture of herbs and herbal extracts that regulate the structure, microflora and functioning of the digestive system.
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Category: Gains, Intestinal integration, Pigs, Poultry, Weight gain
Application instructions

Additional description:

Nbiotic contains a blend of natural herbal extracts that affect:

improvement of production parameters: increased weight gain, increased feed conversion
reducing the number of bacterial infections and alleviating their course
increasing intestinal integrity and improves immunity


fattening period / increased weight gain
prophylaxis of the digestive system
program without antibiotics

Benefits / Improves

Weight gain (BWG)
Feed utilization
European Performance Index
Meat quality: reduces the level of MDA
The weight of the pectoral muscle
Welfare status (lowers FPD)


10 kg sachet
15 kg bag

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