Salcochek Pro

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Herbal gut integrator

Disturbance of intestinal integration adversely affects production results, i.e. reduced body weight gain, wet litter. In order to alleviate digestive disorders, water absorption can be increased and intestinal transit can be slowed down, or the gastrointestinal microflora can be regulated. Salcochek Pro can support the regulation of the gastrointestinal microflora, support the regeneration of intestinal villi and thus contribute to the improvement of weight gain.
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Category: Diarrheas, Intestinal integration, Pigs, Weaning period
Solution for: digestive tract disorders, wet litter syndrome, weight gain
Application instructions

A herbal product rich in natural mucopolysaccharides and essential oils.


minimizes the loss of water and nutrients
can support the gastrointestinal mucosa
can support the regulation of the gastrointestinal microflora
improved digestion and feed conversion

Can be helpful with

period of weaning
digestive tract disorders
feed changes
poisoning with toxins
fattening: increasing weight gain



prevents the loss of water and nutrients from the body
increases the transit time of food in the intestines
absorbs and neutralize enterotoxins
irreversibly binds bacteria

Essential oils
mint, eucalyptus, basil

1 kg aluminum sachet
20 kg bag

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