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STOP ACIDOSIS: stable pH and rumen motility

The most common problem in cows are digestive disorders that contribute to the appearance of metabolic diseases. Ruchamax is a solution thanks to the content of a rich herbal mixture that improves appetite, stabilizes and optimizes the pH and improves the work of the rumen. The most concentrated product on the market.
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Category: Acidosis Ketosis, Cattle, Cattle, Veterinary doctors
Solution for: lack of appetite, metabolic problems, rumen disorders, after antibiotic treatments.
Application instructions

Helpful in:

Digestive problems
No appetite
The period of weakness and convalescence


Support natural functions of the digestive tract,
Increase in salivation
Stabilization of pH and rumen motility
Normalization of digestive processes,
Increasing the digestion of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) by improving fermentation processes
Increasing the appetite
Increasing the activity of the rumen microflora
Increasing milk production and its parameters: increasing productivity
Possible improvement of reproductive capacity


50 g aluminum sachet
aluminum sachet 200 g
1 kg aluminum sachet

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