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Heat stress

Regulation of electrolyte balance Stress is an indispensa...
Solution for: the first 5 - 10 days of life Thermal stress. Transport stress. Dehydration.
Increasing adaptability and resilience Herbal extracts ef...
Solution for: Chick Falls. Poor response to vaccinations. Bacterial and viral infections. Poor hatchability and fertilization in reproductive herds.
Herbal immunomodulator, adaptogenic and anti-stress preparat...
Solution for: Transport stress and adding new animals to the herd. The period of protective vaccinations. Heat stress, which leads to reduced production and reduced weight gain. Production stress related to maximum efficiency. The period of increased morbidity.
A set of herbal extracts that effectively block the stress m...
Solution for: The first 5-10 days of life. The period of protective vaccinations. Heat stress. Transport stress. Production stress. Fall in egg production.
Vitamin C with herbs In order to reduce temperature stres...
Solution for: heat stress
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